Flashback 2013 – results

And the party is over. Yes, Flashback 2013 is part of history now. There are no official results out yet, at least not in the traditional ascii way, but the pricegiving already happened and I took the results for my entries from that. First of all, let me say, it was a pleasure to follow the party via livestream. Good work guys, you did a great job. I had much fun, watching the stream and chatting with you people on IRC during the party. I’ll be back next year. And now for the results. My entry 53x4y was ranked 2nd place in the exemusic competition and I am happy about that, since I did that track just for expanding the competition and entertaining the crowd. The most hilarious thing happened right after that track was played. The announcer that something like “this wasnt exactly all newschool” and somewhat referenced it to Rob Hubbard. I haven’t got the slightest idea what he was talking about, but it was so funny, it made me laugh so hard. If only he knew, or read the file_id.diz at least, he wouldn’t eve have thought of making this reference. It was Priceless :D. And in addition to that, he pronounced the name of my track as “fiftythree x four y”. LOL again. For all of you who didn’t get it until now, its of course SExAy. I Put in the 4 for the A because I wanted to have a 4 in all my 4klang track names. I have to listen to it again in re-live on scenesat.com. The second track I entered was Sad blue Eyes, which was played in the streaming music competition. It got ranked 3rd, which is again wonderful. i am so happy that people liked that track, because it means a lot to me. I received many warm comments about that track on the stream and IRC. Thank you all again for that. On the downside, the two demo productions that were scheduled for Flashback didn’t quite make it into the competition, since the weren’t finished in time. But they will be finished some time soon and as we all know, after the party is before the party. So be prepared, Onslaught will strike!


One thought on “Flashback 2013 – results

  1. Nice story 🙂 (I’ve get to your website looking for Flashback results).
    Looking forward to compete with you again, somewhere.

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