@party 2013

Exactly one weekend after Flashback, which actually is this weekend, there is a demoscene party going on in the USA and it’s called @party. I remember the party very well, from its live streamings and the fact that it has been a good place for me to release stuff. Don’t ask me why I think that way, although I never have been there in person. It’s just a feeling that I have. And thus I take the chance to contribute to the releases once more this year. My entries are called Vihma, which is a C64 multicolor pixelwork for the oldschool gfx compo. It was originally made as a christmas present, but it went unnoticed, so I decided to release it. I know, it is nothing special with respect to the demoscene, but I didn’t want to have it unreleased or even unseen on my HD forever. To support a party with a release can never be wrong, right? It will count as a release for my C64 group Onslaught. Anyway, my second entry is called Out of reach and it will hopefully make it through the preselection of the freestyle music competition. This is my TRSi release for the party. Again, it is a track that I did in cooperation with my dear friend Ellina, who generously sung the lyrics. Thank you for that. It is a pleasure to have your voice in my songs. I don’t know how it will be received by the audience, because it is not the kind of song you would normally hear on a demoscene party. But well, everyone must follow their own way of doing things I guess and remembering my Wake up Sleeper release a few years ago at that party, I am positive that this new track will find at least a few ears that enjoy listen to it. My submissions are ready and uploaded to the partymeister website of @party. If you want to participate, you better upload your stuff fast, because today is the deadline for remote entries. I almost missed it myself. Can’t wait to follow the livestream.


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