Flashback 2013

In about 13 days from today, one of the two big and well known demoscene events in Australia will take place. Yes, it is time for Flashback 2013. Follow the link to get to the homepage. The reason why I mention this party specifically is, that it will be the second party of the year where I will release something. After Datastorm at the beginning of 2013, this is going to be huge. As far as I know, there are three releases confirmed that will have my credits. The first one is an Onslaught release that I will not comment anymore, so you can fully enjoy the surprise when it happens. The second release is a music release for TRSi. It is called 53x4y and will be entered remotely into the 32kb exemusic competition. The third one is another music release for TRSi. As i stated earlier this year, 2013 will only see music releases of me that I put a lot of effort into and that mean a lot to me. I had some fun releases last year and they were good for that, but in 2013 I want to be all serious and mainly present you material that I care a lot about. So Flashback will be the first time you get to hear some of that stuff (Of you leave out the exemusic entry, which is a fun entry I made just to enricht the compo). I am not sure at the moment, which of my finished tracks will see the light of day in the streaming music competition, so I can’t give you a name yet. I will probably decide that last minute. What I can tell you about it is, it is a collaboration with my dear friend Ellina who did the vocals for it. Aside those three verified entries, there might be two more, but since they are very uncertain, I wont go into detail now. Maybe, if I can get a hold of the people involved, I will post an update on that. Until then, be prepared for serious CONS in 2013 :).


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