Getting rid of obstacles.

Man, that feeling I had the last weeks sucked really bad. I was torn between trying everything to get a picture finished at all costs although I thought it did not get any better. This led to a complete halt of my activities on that picture and with it on all other projects I was working on. Today is the day that I finally decided that I have to leave this state by taking drastic means, or it will hold me in its grip for more time to come that I am willing to invest. I need to get back on track, I need to get back in the game of making things. So what I am about to do is put this pixelwork I have spent a remarkable amount of time on, into the dustbin. It will be in good company there, because I put a few pictures there already, but I didn’t invest as much time in one of them as I did in this one. But, it feels like the only solution. I am working against my own set of rules, that I created for me, like not moving to another gfx format to overcome obstacles that are based on the lack of talent. This is not going to help me in the future. I have to find creative solutions in the future when I run into such obstacles. Bye bye Promenade, it was fun starting to work on you, but you have developed into something that does not work out at all. I am happy to be free again although a part of me will miss you dearly.


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