Back from the uninspired

Well, I just recognized it has been some time since I last posted on my blog. But this is going to end now. The last two months were like a phase of total loss of inspiration for me. I couldn’t get myself to work on my gfx anymore, because I had and still have the feeling I did drive the ones I am working on right into a wall, meaning the more I look at them, the more I get the feeling that I will not be able to form them into what I had in mind when I started. And that led to the question would any more time invested be for nothing? But I didn’t want to throw them away so easily. So I waited and waited, but nothing really did change. In the meantime an offer presented itself to me that I couldn’t resist to take. And now I am writing from my ‘new’ computer. This was quite a big step for me, from a single core, 1 Ghz, 1 Gig ram PC to Quadcore 2,5 Ghz, 4 Gig ram. Things are running so smoothly right now, unbelievable. Unfortunately that meant I had to install the OS and the programs I work with. I guess I don’t need to tell you what shitload of annoying work that was. And the best thing was, that just before I was about to finish the whole thing, I somehow caught a virus which destroyed large parts of my registry, rights management and more I didn’t find out. I wasn’t even allowed as administrator to burn a CD on my own PC. Since I didn’t want to redo it all again I spent several hours working my way into the deepest entries of the registry, trying to fix all the stuff that was destroyed. But in the end I had to admit it would take me much longer to find everything and get it right, than to reinstall everything. So, format c: was my next move and with it, the reinstallment of everything. All in all that took me three weeks, because I was so frustrated and demotivated, but now, finally, I am done and hopefully don’t have to do it again soon. Before you ask, yes backups are made now. And yes I had a virus shield active at the time, but it wasn’t able to remove the virus. With other programs I was able to, finally, after a few hours. But the damage was done.

What I am up to now, is finishing the work that needs to be done for the releases I want to put out in June and July. @party, Flashback and Nordlicht are my preferred release parties this summer. Music wise I am good. Just a little tweaking here and there, but gfx wise, well, it looks like I wont be able to relase an ondschool gfx on every party. I try to, but no promises made. Luckily I am involved in some other releases that wills ee the light of day soon. That keeps my spirits up.

And before I forget, Yes, I do have a private life and I am enjoying it very much this year. Demoscene comes second, naturally.


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