Resisting temptation

Today I was given a unique opportunity which was very tempting. And I mean VERY tempting. Veto, the famous C64 pixelmage offered me a preview on his work for the biggest and most famous easter party in Germany, Revision. It is the first time he had offered me such thing, although I have asked for it in the past once. But then he didn’t want me to see it. From the day he told me that his project for Revision would be huge,  I assumed I would never get a pre release glance at it at all. But today he proved me wrong and this made my day. Why? Because I count it as a sing of trust he put into me that I handle it properly, meaning no spoilering, no spreading and such things. And I am thankful for that. It means something to me.
So there was this link and I was just one click away from what possibly could be the new masterpiece. It was so tempting, so incredibly tempting that I almost couldn’t resist. But in the end I didn’t click it. Why not? Because having the opportunity was enough for me for today. I want to save this easteregg for the party and keep my curiosity high and rising. Knowing that Veto enters the oldschool gfx compo will make this a highlight of the party, no doubt and I am so looking forward to that.
And thanks Veto, for giving me the opportunity, although I didn’t take it. Feel welcome to tempt me again.


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