Second run on Westeros

Two days ago the second round of Westeros happened. This time we didn’t focus as much on the instruction manual as we did the first time, but more one the gameplay. To my surprise and maybe to our all, the goal of the game was reached in 4 hours. That is quite a surprise, considering that the group i played with had never played the game before. I did make a few changes to the gameplay between the first and this second try. The experiences of our first play were fully implemented and some additions were made that came up during the time we didn’t play. This round was again very fruitful because i got to see the changes in action and advance into the game much more than on the first play. The changes worked well i must say. Another advantage for me was that the group i played with this second time, was very boardgame experienced. I played a lot of games, some more some less strategic, complex and time-consuming, with them in the past and we work pretty good as a group. There was a lot of feedback, positive and negative and some of the changes that seemed appropriate were implemented while we were playing. After the game, we sat together for another hour to talk about the experience, rethink all ideas that came up during the play and writing everything down, after discussing them a second time. I think the game made another huge step towards being finished with those ideas. On the other hand, some things still have to be tested because they didn’t come up during the game. Maybe we will have to force some of them, to check them out. All that will happen some time soon, i hope. In the meantime i am updating the instructions to 3.0, which seems to be appropriate considering the changes. This time i will implement shots of the game stuff to make it easier for the readers to connect the instructions to the game material.


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