Whats to come in 2013

I asked myself that a few days ago with respect to my work and to my surprise i came up with a really simple answer that precisely depicts my idea for the new year. I want to NOT release anymore of my casually made electro tracks or anything else that is not a serious attempt to get better or i am not a 100% sure its worth a release. That will exclude songs like Gegen den Strom oder Der letzte Tag and maybe new KML tracks. I did my share of them last year and its probably not going to happen this year. So you can be sure that everything i will release in 2013 will be a serious piece of work of mine. Regarding my gfx output, i would like to improve my skills more and more and be able to do better stuff with more own ideas included.  And finally i will not invest time in projects that are doomed to fail, like a demo, a musicdisk and at least two intros that were supposed to happen in 2012 but didn’t. Nevertheless i think 2013 will be a great year for me, my creative endeavours and my private life.

Looking back at 2012 i must say, the biggest downer for me was that i didn’t make my musicdisk happen that i would have loved so dearly. That is something that haunts me until today. I had and still have the concept and  all the music ready for it and i actually wasted those tracks, because of not releasing them in music competitions (which i should have).


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