Gegen den Strom

Gegen den Strom (feat. LuXX)

  • running time in minutes : 4:06
  • size in mb : 5,70 mb
  • format : mp3
  • quality in kbit : 192 vbr
  • genre : EBM
  • released : 9th at tUM 2012 streamed music compo.

  • listen and download it from soundcloud : link
  • download the release pack from here : link

This track is a spontaneous byproduct of a recording session i had this year, where we recorded some vocals to a track that i would call my-serious-work. I had the text flying around for some years by now. It was originally written by me in 2008, where i started to hear Spillsbury a lot and really liked what they were doing. I wanted it a little more criticism in my stuff because i found theirs to be too soft. The music emerged step by step over the next years. Every time i felt uninspired for working on my-serious-stuff, i turned to this track and worked a little on it. It must have been around 2010 that it was finished. As said, the vocals were a spontaneous recording we did here without any practice before and i somehow fiddled everything together afterwards. For some time i wasn’t sure if i should ever release it to the public, because over the years it grew old on me a little, but then i thought, there must have been a time when i liked it at least a bit and finally i said to myself, well, what the hell, i rather get it over with. Of course i could only release it at a german party, because of the lyrics. I knew it would not be THE compotrack because of its genre, but i hoped to at least entertain a few people and i guess i did. So, all is good here. For those who like EBM with german lyrics, enjoy this one, everyone else, move on please.

Safe Creative #1212294258763


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