tUM 2012 – results

At least the outcome was as i somehow predicted. The Ultimate Meeting is just over and i watched the results in the livestream. Let me first sum up what my party impression was from the sofa-releases only point of view. The overall feeling is that there was not that much good stuff released at tUM this year. The demo competitions were medicore i would say, with not one single real burner in it. Somehow there was this epic realtime joke that took over several competitions because everyone was just doing the same scene on different machines over and over again. Got a little boring after some time. Even the oldschool gfx compo featured the scene as a still. I first thought that was a screenshot of a product, but after watching the prg i realized it was an interlaced picture. The graphics compos probably were the strongest competitions, with two massive pictures by Forcer and Cosmic, which were my favorite and some really good stuff from Lycan and Raven. The music competition i found medicore (I know i contributed my part to this medicority) and the photo and fun competition weren’t my taste either. But it seemed that the people at the party place enjoyed the party very much. That is probably the most important thing and everything else is a bonus.
Now lets see how my contribution did. My exemusic entry was not played since the exe didn’t work on the competition machine. That was a downer right at the start of the competitions. Well, i guess i have to submit it to another party then. My track Gegen den Strom for the streamed music competition ended below the 7th place, which is totally ok for it. It was intended to bring some fun to the party and to get it off my hd for good. But maybe it didn’t work out that well in the end. My pixel contribution to the oldschool gfx competition called The Fuckup Brothers ended at 5th place, which is slightly less than i hoped for, because my goal was to beat at leat JSL again. Another downer was that you couldn’t really see the use of border sprites since the background was all black itself. Nevertheless, thanks to Peiselulli for making that possible.
Generally speaking, this party was probably much more enjoyable for the people there than it was from the sofa i sat on, because of the reasons mentioned above. There can be only one solution to this for me for next year: Visit more parties in person. And i will. I will upload my entries as soon as scene.org servers are running again, so that i can link the download packages. See you next year with some more serious stuff!


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