The Ultimate Meeting 2012

And finally it is here again, the end of the year. And with it the probably last big party of 2012. If we believe the myth, this years tum won’t even see the light of day, because the world would have been vanished a few days before it. But who is seriously believing in that? I don’t, so what i did was preparing for the party. Not that i am visiting this year, but rounding up some entries for the competitions that i will hand in remotely. This time it will be most likely add up to three entries in three categories. First one will be a streamed music entry that is called Gegen den Strom. I have that ready for some time now and because of its german lyrics, it has to be released at a party where the visitors are mostly capable of the german language. And since Evoke didn’t accept remote entries this year and i had something else prepared for Nordlicht, tUM is my last chance to get that track released this year. I don’t want to wait any more, because its kind of getting old on my HD. To be honest, since i am not absolutely sure about this track at all, the chances of getting preselected might be 50%. Well, i guess we’ll see about that.
The second release will be an entry for the 32k exemusic competition and is called 53x4y. This is mostly done for fun and to fill up the competition. The track is of the same nature as my TRSAC 2011 release Beloved H4rmony. I hope the people at the party enjoy it. Chances of preselection may be 80% here.
The third entry will hit the oldschool gfx competition. With the help of Peiselulli i will hand in a pixelwork called The Fuckup Brothers. This entry will for sure make it to the bigscreen and i am looking forward to it. The picture was pixelled during 2012 and there is no need for it in a demo or somethign similar, so i can use it to finally enter a competition again. Looking forward to see it via livestream and get the crowds reaction.
All in all, it looks like i am participating with full force for TRSi this time and i hope that at least one of my releases will make it to the TRSi history books. Don’t miss the stream, if there is one and enjoy the party.


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