Syntax 2012 – results

Syntax party 2012 is over and 24 hours later, the results are published. The only thing i can say is……wow. My entry The Paper-Hearted Gypsy was ranked 1st place out of six competition entries. I am so happy that people did like my work. If you look at the points in the results, you can see that i got 1 point more than the second and two points more than the third place, so the “race” was as close as it can be. And honestly, it wouldn’t have surprised me if one of them had come first place. They are both really good works and i can only say congrats to you, Carrion and Almighty God, for delivering such beauties. When i read through the comments on CSDb i guess the different style of the picture made it stand out from the others and many of the visitors liked the motif and its execution, although it does not feature any kind of special pixelling technique. What more can i say, what more is there to say about it? Well, i would like to do another paper-cut style picture some day, but with more love for detail and more time that i can invest. Thanks for enjoying my picture!
With respect to the other categories, Syntax compos almost seemed to be run completly by Onslaught members. Me and Almighty God taking the top two places in the gfx compo, Adam winning the chipmusic competition (That track is amazing!) and Algorithm placing first in the oldschool demo competition. I can only imagine how it would have looked like, when Conjuror had released his demo, too. But thats being further developed and kept for another party to come. See you then.


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