The Paper-Hearted Gypsy

The Paper-Hearted Gypsy

  • release platform: C64
  • format: Hires
  • background : black
  • colors : 4
  • reference : a paper-cut
  • program used : Timanthes
  • released : 1st at Syntax 2012 mixed gfx compo.

  • watch, comment and rate at Artcity : link
  • watch comment and rate at CSDB: link
  • download release package : link

There were two reasons that led to the making of this picture. The first one was that i wanted to participate at least in some way at Syntax 2012, since the two demonstrations weren’t ready to be presented at the party and that dried out my participation completly. So i began pixelling this only a few days before the deadline with a limited amount of daily time. The second reason for this was that i wanted to do a paper-cut like work for a long time because i enjoy the simple forms and the play with foreground and background. And since i am not good in handicrafting, i decided to live out my dream in pixels :). And for the amount of colors, hires seemed to be appropriate. It turned out ok, i guess. Of course you could intensify the work on the background but as i said, my time was limited. I tend to do another one some time in 2013, but with more layers and with a motif that is not referenced on someone elses work.


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