The last one will be eaten by the dogs

..or as we call it in Germany: “Wer zuletzt kommt, den bestraft das Leben”. I dont know if my interpretation in english does mean the same as it does in german, but I couldn’t come up with something more precise. What happened is not a huge thing but stresses out this matter pretty good. A few days ago, we had Kindergarden demoparty where Hoaxers released a demo with a cool and supersmooth cube-sprite animation. As I stated in the comments of the demo, I love and hate it at the same time. Love, because they have really cool stuff in there, like this animation, which is the best animation of a rotating cube that i have seen for a long time and the seemingly 3D scroller that really rocks and finally the music is good stuff, too. So what is there to hate you might ask. Well “hate” is a strong word. Its more like a frustration that i carry and that is only slowly fading. It is about those cubes. At the beginning of this year, Elder0010 started working on a new crack-intro for Onslaught. He wanted to do a special code thing which, as far as I understood, was a pretty hard thing to do. So we talked about the design and I made a charmode logo for him. Then Elder asked for a really smooth animated sprite and I thought what would be the best thing to do. So I did a cube. it consists of 45 unique animation steps and looks really smooth. Elder0010 and i were happy after completing the intro with it. It looked really cool. That was in June 2012. Then there was a decision made to postpone the release of the intro for a special occasion, so it’s not released until today and will probably take some time until it will see the light of day, especially after the release of the hoaxers demo. The reason for it is, that grasstust and I must have used the same reference for creating the sprite animation, because his looks almost exactly like mine. Thats what you get when you take rare references from the internet ;). I must admit, its a little frustrating when you see such a thing happen, but of course no one is to blame but me. We could have released the intro much earlier or I could have avoided using internet reference. Nevertheless, it would have felt good to be the first to use it, especially because it took me some hours to get the animation done properly. I could have just resized the original and split up the animation to make my life much easier, but as you know thats not my way of doing things. So what I did was looking at every step of the animation and recreate it in spritepad pixel by pixel. At least, i now know that they look awesome when used :). What we will do now is, change the sprites into something else, or redo the animation so that it looks different from the one I did, because we want to avoid being accused of ripping or copying. The last few days I thought about what to do with the animation I did, since it has no release quality anmore, meaning we won’t use it in the production anymore  and I don’t want to have it rotting on my Harddisk forever. So here it is, a screenshot of the animation i did back then and the download pack, containing the spritedata. Just In case you want to use them.

Screenshot of the animation

Download release package


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