Syntax, from riches to rags

Well, how can I begin this little entry without just bein sad about the recent developments regarding the Syntax Party releases. It has been a bad week for me, personally and in private life, but the Syntax party was something I was looking forward, because the original plans featured four of my graphics in two demos being released in the competition. Now, a few days before the party, I was told that one demo will not be finished in time (And I totally understand the reason for that and there are no hard feelings because I know that everyone involved tried his best to make it happen), but sometimes life comes inbetween things and priorities need to change. That reduced my participation to one piece in the other demo. But, as you might have thought, that one wasn’t supposed to be released there, but another one was… without any gfx of mine. Ultimately to at least participate at Australias second big party, I submitted a remote gfx for the gfx compo entry. After the demo stuff going from riches to rags, that was the only choice I had. I feel for my Onslaught guys that worked so hard for their releases and now have to change their release plans, but thats life, I think. At least that will save us the excitement for 2013, when both things will obviously see the light of day at another party. Sadly without the Onslaught audience present at the partyplace.


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