Now for the hard part

Finally it is time to enter phase III in the process of the development of my new baordgame called Westeros (working title of course). In the last few weeks i managed to get all the material done that is needed for the game to be played. I sprayed countless little wooden cubes and small metallic plate with six different colors for the players and created character, crisis and evolution cards for the gameplay. Also the big map, where the game is played on, is now fully designed and just needs to be printed out (which will hopefully done by a friend of mine on his large scale printer, so that i have it in one piece and not 10 pieces that need to be glued together).  Everything worked well so far and my notes to the gameplay swell with many more ideas and corrections.
Now it is time to enter phase III – writing the rules. I don’t know if you can imagine that this is the hardest part in the process. I know that it does sound like just writing it all down in an order that makes sense and i agree, that is one half of it. The other one is writing it in a way that people who don’t know anything of the game can play it the way it was intended to just by reading the rules. Luckily I have experience in that area, one could say i learnt it the hard way. The first rules i ever wrote already failed to make the playes prepare the game correctly. That was a downer, i can tell you. But you learn from it, no doubt. its easy for you, who knows the kame to its core, to understand what is meant by the things you write, but others don’t and it is a challenge to put yourself into their position. That is, what i am about to try again and then write down all my notes in a way that everyone can understand and play the game. Not to mention that there will be numerous corrections to the rules when the playtesting phase starts. But i’ll come to that, when its the time.


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