Sundown 2012 – results

I was able to follow the presentation of the competitions yesterday evening at scenesat. They had set up an audiostream and in addition, there was a small webcam recording pictures every 10 seconds. That was about it. The connection didn’t allow more. But together with the irc chat, it was quite an unusual experience. I saw a few pictures and listened to a few tracks before the stream went buggy and ultimately crashed. And i went to sleep ;)This morning i returned to the irc chat and the webcam and to my surprise was able to follow the prizegiving ceremony. Actually what i saw was a blurry picture of the screen, refreshed every 10 seconds and a speaker announcing the winners via scensat stream. Then there was the oldschool gfx competition. I was nervous because i wasn’t sure about how the people liked my concept based picture. To make it short, i got second with my picture Protection and i am very happy about that. Probably having a concept behing a picture is not that bad of an idea.


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