Sundown 2012

On the upcoming weekend, there will be a renewed version of the Sundown demoscene party  in the UK and i will be part of it. At least with a remote entry. Today i submitted my C64 pixelwork called Protection, which is a concept art i did some time ago. I am looking forward to seeing how it does in the competition. It is not that stylish, but it has a message and hopefully i can deliver that to the audience. Unfortunately this will not happen live, as there is a huge chance that there won’t be any live audio or video due to low bandwidth at the partyplace. So i guess i will have to wait until monday or tuesday, when the results file appears. The reason why i competed in the first place is that Sundown is one of the few parties that actually split up newschool and oldschool gfx into separate competitions. I hardly want to run against some photoshopped masterpieces with my 320×200 pixelwork in 16 colors. Having Amiga in the same competition is hard enough.

In the meantime, i am busy with a fullscreen picture in charmode for a demo, being released later this year. I can tell you, having only three colors with bg color is challenging since you have to work around a lot of challenges. But i will succeed. I call the picture All Ages, because that is the main motif of it. At the moment i am 50% done so there is still a lot to pixel. I will keep you informed, when its going to be released.


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