Passing the border

Soooo, what is going on after that huge Nordlicht party with its many releases and beautiful atmosphere. I can tell that it is not much, with respect to music. You might have seen the actual 4k intro called ZUCKZ! from Hardy and Virgill that won the 4k compo at Evoke just last weekend. In the process of the making it was undecided a long time who the one would be that does the music. Me, tEiS and Virgill were somewhat in the “race” and since there was not word from tEiS for some time it was only either Virgill or me. I was a little surprised when i was told by Hardy that he and Virgill already decided that we make it a cooperation track. Generally, i think that was a great idea. Virgill was enthusiastic and days later, he showed me a first preview of the track. It was ace and to be honest, it had progressed to a state that involving me at this point wouldn’t have made any sense anymore. So i said that he should finish the track alone and in the end it worked out really good. He did manage to create cool sounds and get used to 4klang pretty fast, although it was the very first time he ever saw it. I envy him for what he archived, nailing it at the very first try and getting a cool release out of it. But i am also happy for him as a friend. He might have become inteested in being active for the demoscene again and that is something really good. May it lead to more!

So, what i did with the free time that i had, not being in cooperation mode is, i worked on some new pixels. I saw a poster of a movie very recently and thought that i would like to create a multiscreen hiress comi-ish picture with part of the movie poster content and something else. So i started the picture as a vertical 2 screener in hires format but it got bigger and bigger by time, because i developed the initial idea a little further and so added a few other things that required another vertical 2 screens. In the end, i am done now, ready with a 4 screen high comic hires picture, not knowing where to go with it. but that will come, i guess.
Another thing i was doing is a charset for an umcoming demostration. I already had developed a few letters for the 1×1 version but since nobody was  a 100% sure that a 1×1 char would suffice, i finished that one and made a compatible one in 2×2 char, qith a few specials in it. I enjoyed that very much and hope the others do, too.


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