• running time in minutes : 3:18
  • size in mb : 4,53 mb
  • format : mp3
  • quality in kbit : 192 vbr
  • genre : Drum & Bass
  • released : 4th at Nordlicht 2012 newschool music compo.

  • listen and download it from soundcloud : link
  • download the release pack from here : link

This track derived from the idea of creating something in a genre that i had avoided for a long time, because it is not my personal favorite, drum & bass. So i sat down and created the drums first, because their rhythm, so i hoped, would transport me into the mood for d&n. And thats what it did. Shortly before i watched the Kinski interpretation of the new testament and somehow i thought it would be great to mix both elements. That is how the vocals ended up in this track. Later in the process, i sent the track to a coder friend of mine and he was eager to create an intro around it and so i kind of reserved the track for that. But as you can imagine, many things don’t turn out as planned and so I was told some day, that the intro is not going to happen.  Then Nordlicht party came up and it was clear that i wanted to participate with a track. I had another in mind but i wasn’t sure about the quality and so i talked to a groupmate of mine. He said one interesting thing that made me choose this track. If you want to compete, compete with the best you got. And i thought at that moment, this track would be the appropriate choice.

Safe Creative #1207252020599


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