Nordlicht 2012 – results

And finally they are published. I was eager to see how the people had vodet at the party, because of my entries in various competitions. And to sum it up, I did surprisingly good and it makes me happy that so many people liked what I had to offer. And thanks to my friend Virgill for participating with me in two productions. on a sidenote, he did good, too in the compos, even won the tracked music competition. But where are my entries placed, lets see. my C64 hires pixelgfx called Moment of truth came 2nd in the competition and this was a huge surprise since there were a few really cool entries, like the one from Forcer (which won) and Prince (whose came 3rd). I think the oldschool force must have been strong at Nordlicht.
The next entry of mine was Narcissist, which participated in the newschool music competition. Let me tell you, that compo was massive and thats why i am really happy about being 4th in the end. If you look at the first 5 places you see that its all techno like stuff, wheter drum and bass, dubstep or whatever those styles are called, they are all techno like. So, you probably know what style is on at the moment. Less melody, more hard and weird sounds with massive bass.
My third entry called Rosetten-Poesie was a coop entry with Virgill for the photo competition. It consisted of a photo showing small sentences put together with magnetic letters and words. Its pretty cool what you can put together with those things. This was a pure fun entry and the reaction of the people showed that they had fun. Goal archieved. Ah yes, it got 2nd in the competition.
The last entry was Oldschool Intro and a cooperation for the gravedigger competition with Virgill again. Its an unfinished C64 intro from 1988 that never saw the light of day or got finished. It didn’t even start by itself but had to be run with a sys command. It got 2nd place, too which was surprising but made us happy of course.
There had been some prices, like a trophy for the winner and certificates for the second and third places, so we are expecting a package of all those 😉 I will upload all my releases some time soon.


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