@party 2012 – results

Just a few hours after the party ended, the results were posted on their website. This time i was hoping for good results in the OHP competition, since i made the music (my track Childsplay) for the demo called OHP Megademo 9000 by Luis and for a good result in the music competition, because i entered that with the same track aswell. First of all, let me tell you, one worked out, one not, but more to that later. Due to the time difference to my place, which was 6,5 hours behind, the most action took place at a time where normal people sleep here and unfortunately i was one of them. So i did not follow the livestream which was set up by scenesat again. The very few parts i saw, like the prizegiving and some build up, were very watchable. Ziphoid set up an HD stream and so the picture and sound quality were superb. Thanks for that, you are doing a great job. And of course his marrations kept the pauses interesting. Sadly because of that time difference i didn’t see any of the competitions live, but i stumbled upon a video of the TRSi and Desire OHP demo entry, so i was at least able to watch that already. It was not from the HD stream but from a handy cam. But it did the job.  Me and the crowd (as i judged by their reactions) liked it a lot. The effects were pretty good and very unique. Unfortunately the presentation took a little longer than expected, so the music was over and started to repeat itself before the demo was over. That was something we could have planned better beforehand. I remember Luis asking for a track length of 2:50 mins and i already gave him 3:30 mins, so 40 seconds more, but it still was a little too short, to cover the presentation errors due to nervousness or bad material sorting. Anyway, in the end it still looked awesome. And for that it got rewarded 1st place in the category. So yay, one goal fulfulled. The music competition was not that fruitful with my 6th place with the track, but i am not sad about it, because the track was mainly for the OHP demo and just entered in the music compo as a bonus. To my surprise, there was an oldschool gfx entry by con, who won, but Metoikos pronounced it wrong so everyone thought it was cons who won. Funny, because i didn’t even submit something. And another pleasant surprise was that Forcer entered the graphics competition (again) with one of his marvellous works and in the end won the freestyle graphics compo with it. Congratulations, well done! I will upload the releases a little later, when they are on scene.org.


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