• running time in minutes : 3:50
  • size in mb : 12,32 mb
  • format : ogg
  • quality in kbit : 320 vbr
  • genre : Electronic
  • released : as part of the TRSI & Desire  OHP MEGADEMO 9000, which got 1st at @party OHP competition; 6th in the @party 2012 freestyle music competition

  • listen and download it from soundcloud : link
  • Listen to it online at my lastfm site : coming
  • watch the video livefeed at youtube : link
  • see the demo on pouet : link
  • download the release pack from here : link

This track was make in a little hurry, because the timeframe for it was rather short. As you might have noticed, or not, i released a seven second version of this last year at the seven seconds loop compo at tum. But i always thought about extending this snippet to a fullsize track. But to be honest, i haven’t had any motivation for that for a long time, simply because its not really my style of music. Anyway, one day, it must have been two weeks ago, i saw that TRSi is planning an OHP demo for @party and that Luis was searching for a music for it. I thought, why not, and sent him the snippet. He liked it and i agreed to get it finished in time.  I added a small loading time intro and then opened the track very fast, because i knew the OHP presentation won’t make a long introduction, but start right with some effects.  Around 1:45 mins, there is a bass sequence “solo” which gets more and more weird and sounds pretty detuned at some place. That is pure intention. I played around with filters and recorded it live and was ultimately pleased with the result. So don’t tell me its detuned, its a feature!! 🙂 . At first, i was given a timeframe of 2:50 mins that the song should be, but i was under the impression that it would be way too short and so i extended it to 3:40 minutes in the end. As you can see in the video that i attached in another post, even that was long enough to handle human error, so it got restarted shortly before the end. Too bad. Still i think the OHP demo looks amazing and Luis did a great job there. Worthy winner of the competition.

Safe Creative #1207252020636


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