• running time in minutes : 4:03
  • size in mb : 2 kb
  • format : exe
  • quality in kbit :
  • genre : Electronic
  • released : 2nd at Flashback 2012 exemusic competition

  • listen and download it from soundcloud : link
  • Listen to it online at my lastfm site : coming
  • download the release pack from : link

My 4klang entry Projection was originally composed in 2011. The reason why I released it that late is, I always hoped this would end up being the soundtrack for a 4k intro. But since that didn’t work out in the end, I thought, it’s no good being on my harddisk unreleased forever. So here it is. The exe files (one precalculation / one realtime) were compiled by Azerty for me. Thanks man! The release pack also contains a low quality .ogg rendered version if you have problems with the exe files. The race on Flashback 2012 competition was close and i am not sat not to win the category, because many people found so many warm words for this track that I only feel happy to have entertained all of them a little.  I hope you like to listen to it as much as i did enjoy making it.

Safe Creative #1206141806108


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