Tell the fuhrer i’m not gonna make it to the major offensive

Tell the fuhrer i’m not gonna make it to the major offensive

  • release platform: C64
  • format: multicolor bitmap (Koala)
  • background : black
  • colors : 13
  • reference : photograph of a Car, Ayers Rock & a BF109
  • program used : Project One
  • released : 5th at Flashback 2012

  • watch, comment and rate at Artcity : link
  • watch comment and rate at CSDB: link
  • download release package : link

This picture is my entry for the Flashback 2012 oldschool gfx competition. It is handpixelled bit by bit in Project One.
Initially i started it with the thought in my mind of having it included in the upcoming Vandalism News Issue. Jazzcat told me that a motif regarding Flashback or Australia would be good so i thought why not do a picture of one of the most known places. I took a look at the opera house at the beginning, but the mass of photographs convinced me to not do it at all. I had the feeling that it would be too cliche and that it might have been the object of a painting or pixelwork several times by now (And the actual Issue of vN proves me right here). The second thing that crossed my mind was this rock and since i am more a fan of nature than concrete, i went for it. It wasn’t planned as fullscreen picture but the size that would have fit into vN at first (That would have meant the rock as the center, small sky and small bottom). But somewhere in the process of making the picture it became clear that it wouldn’t be used in vN and so i asked myself what to do with it, since i was already half done with it. I thought i could enrich the motif and make it a fullscreen version for the gfx competition. So i enhanced the sky and thought about what to make of it at all. The first idea i had was namig it “Visit us by any means” and with means i thought of a car and the idea of a sightseeing trip. Thats how the car went into the picture. The sky looked empty and i wanted to go with that theme, so the only thing i thought of was having a plane in it. The first plane ( doubledecker) looked pretty ugly half done, so i discarded it (I felt i wasn’t able to get it the way i wanted it to be. You can see that in the worksteps) and went with a plane, the BF109, because i have many photographs of WWII material in my History books.  I started it and the more it came together, the more i liked it. After it was finished, i gave it a thought to dither the sky but in the end discarded that after trying, because i felt it would take the sharpness away. So, i had the elements but now the title was not really fitting anymore, because who would fly a BF109 today. Almost no one. And i thought the title sounded too….meh… So i talked to elder and we brainstormed a little and suddenly i had the idea of a WWII pilot stranded in the wrong time in the wrong place and his radio call after realizing would be “Tell the fuhrer……”. It sounded funny and so i kept it. In the end, there is only one thing i am totally unhappy with and i think you know what it is. Its the left middle, the area below the horizon and above the street. I had no idea what to do there so i kinda filled it with this messiness.
What i possibly should have done is, to emphasize that ide more in the picture, because after reading the comments its obvious that the title only does not stress it enough. But since the party was coming and i had no idea on how to include the time travel aspect in the picture i just went with it. What i learned with this picture are several things: Spending significantly more hours on a picture shows (especially when you are still inecperienced). Be clear of what you want to say/archive and think about it a little longer before you start, so that you dont have to come up with stupid things afterwards. Use dithering wisely, it can pay off not to dither everything – Try more full colors.
Nevertheless i feel pleased and, yes, a little proud of my picture. And i am totally open for opinions on how to improve. So feel free to add your 2 cents here or at any other place.


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