Flashback 2012 – results

I hope you followed the livestream of the party, because i think it was pretty entertaining. And the competition-block was probably the longest i have ever watched, because there were 75 entries in total. That explains the huge delay of almost three hours. Anyway, it was so cool to watch the live feed and i enjoyed having my stuff presented at the party. I was in three competitions so i was pretty excited how my entries would do in front of the crowd. I must say, i am pretty pleased with the reactions. They all seem to enjoy them and thats what its all about, isnt it?. Ok lets see how my entries did in detail.
The first one that was presented was my entry for the oldschool graphics competition with the name Tell the fuhrer i’m not gonna make it for the major offensive. It is a C64 multicolor pixelwork i released under Onslaught that took me quite some time to get done. In the end, it came 5th place out of 12 entries and thats really cool. I feel happy that so many of you liked it.
My second submission was my track called Projection, which is a 4klang made track and was submitted to the 32kb exemusic competition under the TRSi flag. Although there were only two entries in that category and my track came 2nd, i am not unhappy, because it was a very close race and many people at the party found very warm words for it.
The last entry was not really mine, but one i participated as a graphician. It was the Onslaught C64 demo called Better. Code by Algorithm and Conjuror, music by Sonic and some graphics by me. The demo was more tech oriented and came 2nd in the competition after a really cute and funny one filer. I can imagine that people did like the one filer, but i was surprised that it won over our two disk side tech demo.
So all in all, it was a succesful party and a pretty enjoyable stream experience. I can only imagine what it must have been at the partyplace. The upload of my releases will follow soon.


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