GubbData 2012 – results

The party is still going but the competitions actually happened and the places are give. See the Gubbdata 2012 CSDb page for details. The competitions were interesting for me in two categories, firstly the one i competed in, which was the graphics competition and secondly the democompetition because of my Onslaught groupmates were competing there. The gfx compo saw 10 entries with a masterfully crafted picture by Joe, which obviously won the competition. But it deserved it. It was 2 leagues above every other picture. My own work, Life on Mars, came 5th in the competition. That is a little less i had hoped for, especially after seeing the other entries. Some of them looked like they were wired and retouched. That is not the way i prefer it, because you hardly know how much work has been put into such releases. It can be from 5 Minutes to 10 hours, depending on how good you want your final pic to be. I would have liked it when the real pixelwork would have placed higher than those possibly wired ones. In most cases that did happen and thats why i am finally ok with the results. JSL did a good gfx in his style and the picture by Uka was good, too. So in the end, wired or not, my picture would have possibly placed around the 4th place anyway.
The democompetition saw a strong fight between 2 great productions. Ultimately the Onslaught release called Stripes came second, after the demo of TRIAD. Congratulations Elder0010, Freshness, Psycho8150 and AlmightyGod. Your demo was ace stuff. Well designed and perfectly executed.
My graphics will find its way to this site in a few hours. I have to take care of other things first.


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