PixelJam 2012 – results

PixelJam 2012 is over. After SunSpire pointed me to the recorded live stream, I was actually able to watch the competitions. I guess it was a rather small party, but nevertheless it saw some entries by well known sceners and groups like Youth uprising, Fresh!Mindworkz, Prince of ToM, Coda and Forcer of Desire and TRSi. Yes, I wasn’t the only TRSi member who had submitted something to the freestyle competition. All in all there were five entries. The first two places were taken by Forcer and Prince with their great Photoshop works. Surprisingly my C64 pixelwork entry Letters from Noa came third. I like that :). There were two other entries, one of them might have been a rendered one, but the weren’t able to collect that many votes. So, PixelJam is done and i am happy. What could be better. Next competition is to come soon. I will post the image with all the information later. Find the complete results file of the party here.


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