Bremen Scene Meeting II

Hell yes, I am back from the second installment of the Bremen Scene Meeting. It was a little bigger this time, a little longer and a little better as the first meeting we had last year. This time, I travelled by car and not by train, so I could stay a few hours longer. And since the meeting was a one-day thing, that was actually pretty important. Let me give you a short summary of what happened.
Virgill, who agreed to come with me this time, and I started last saturday at 13.00 hrs from our home with the car and it was a 1,5 hrs drive until we arrived in Bremen, at SunSpires place, the place where the meeting was going to happen. We were a little early so we helped SunSpire with the shopping and then made ourselves comfortable in his living room. What was different to the first meeting, was the bigscreen he had built and the beamer that was feeding it. Great! So the first thing that we did was installing Virgills heavily modded C64 and connecting it to the beamer and then playing some of the good old C64 games. That was a lot of fun. After a while two more guests showed up, namely Sentcool and Dr.Doom. We played a little but then began with the preparations of the Scenesat liveshow we had planned all along. Then Arvenius aka wysiwtf and nerdine arrived and the show was about to start. I must admit, I was pretty nervous, because I agreed to do the co-moderation and haven’t done that ever before. I wasnt absolutely sure if I could handle it and it didn’t go well all the time, but I think for a first time, everything went pretty smooth. You can listen to the complete show online at Scenesat – relive or download it from there. We had some nice chats and a lot of fun and music during the evening. Ultimately two more guests showed up, making us a total of 9 people, which was exactly the right amount for SunSpires living room. Anyway, around 23.00 hrs the show ended after 3 hrs of broadcast and we concentrated on the other guests again. Unfortunately only one hour later, Virgill and I had to leave. But it was worth the drive anyway. It was great to meet all the people again and if it is going to happen again, I will most likely be part of it!


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