The bitter taste of failure

I guess it hat to come some time. And it did. A few weeks ago i started a pixel fullscreen project with a theme for a project that may come or not. I was eager and motivated to get the gfx going, to preserve a chance of being part of something big. And so I began. I had an idea and was able to transfer the proportions to the screen. But the more I went into coloring the picture and the more I tried to be detailed, the more I got the feeling that it will never work out the way I planned it. So after hours and hours of working with enthusiasm, I stopped, took a step back and looked at what i had done. And I realized that the picture will not be as it should be and that it will be far behind the goal i set myself for it. I had to admit to myself that I was not able to bring my idea to life and that was a bitter experience for me, because when I started pixelling, things came to me pretty fast and I actually could see myself developing. It was always a step forward, not back. But the real bad news were still to come. Not only that I failed this once, no. I was asked lately to do another gfx for another project and after playing around with some ideas, I came up with something and invested a lot of time again. In the end, when i showed a preview, I was told its not what they had in mind. Well, that happens so I was cool with that. The bitter thing about it was that I had that same feeling about the gfx again, that I had with the previous gfx. I looked at it and looked and looked and the more i stared on it the lesser I liked what I had done. So again, I had to admit that I had failed myself. The project went into the garbage, as the previous one did. Thats life I guess, but I feel like I am in need of a success to regain motivation for larger projects.


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