The Aquanaut Revisited

The Aquanaut Revisited

  • running time in minutes : 4:06
  • size in mb : 10,4
  • format : ogg
  • quality in kbit : 320
  • genre : Electro, Techno
  • released : 3rd at ArtEngine 2012 mixed music competition

  • download it here : link
  • Listen to it online at my lastfm site : link

This is a track that is originally composed in 1998 as a fasttracker xm. I just pimped it by changing the drums and adding some effects to it. Since i promised Danguafer of Silexars that i would contribute to his demoscene party, I thought this would be an appropriate track. There are several errors in this track and I was aware of them beforehand, but I wasn’t in the modd to change or fix anything, since this is totally not my music anymore and it was the reason i quit making music back in 1998 for years. At that time I tried to come up with something that Westbam did a lot, techno like synths and drums that differed from the usual un-tiss-un-tiss rhythm.

Safe Creative #1206141805996


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