The spark of a new year

After the really bad start of this year, something good happened to me a few days ago. You all know that I am eager to expand my range of work to the C64 by doing pixelgfx and so I was searching for a place, better a group, where i can participate. But TRSi has a C64  section, I hear you say and its true. But its a small one and somehow, after asking around and talking to streettuff a lot about it, I got the feeling that the C64 activities are going to be reduced, so that a participation on something bigger becomes more and more unlikely. The logic step for me was to search for a new, C64 only, group i could join. So I contacted Elder0010 of Onslaught and asked him how he, as a relatively new scener, came in contact with the group he now is a member of. He pointed me to Jazzcat of Onslaught with the words that he would know whom to contact in that matter. So I wrote to Jazzcat, we talked a bit and I showed him some examples of my work. Then something completely unexpeted happened. I was offered to join Onslaught as a graphician. That was a surprise and I was speechless at first. But it didn’t take long for me to accept that offer and thats how it is today. Since the 20th of january I am officially member of Onslaught. And as you might guess, i am extremely proud of that. I was warmly welcome by the other members and I feel very motivated to produce gfx for them. The first positive thing that happened to me in the new year. Don’t let it be the last.


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