A couple of words

Looking back at the last two or three months, I must say, I haven’t spent much time with something else than pixelling. This has changed in the last days. Don’t get me wrong, I loved working on C64 graphics a lot, but I thought, after finishing my seventh picture, it was time to take a break, since there are not much parties around for oldschool gfx and there is no demo they could be used in. So I went back to another beloved hobby of mine. Writing. It felt like I had stuck a needle into a bubble that was filled with indeas. Several of my songtexts that were unfinished are now finished or at least almost. Of course there will be some minor corrections to the texts as always. Those correction-ideas come up when actually recording the lyrics, or close before that part. One of my newly finished songtexts is called Change, a text about the fact that it is the order of things to change, to progress from one state into something else and the mixed thoughts that come up with this fact. Another one is called Just one cut and it deals with the self-infliction of wounds, namely cuts from a razorblade or something similar. The perspective is purely from the person who displays that behavior. I am actually not sure if just another cut will be the final title for this. There is some doubt in me, so its likely that it will change. The third songtext I actually finished a few minutes ago is called Komm Zurück. Its written in a mix of German and English, whereas the others are in English only. This text also deals with the topic of inflicting wounds to oneself, but this time the perspective is different. The fourth track I worked on (Yes, i actually did finish several texts!) is called Out of reach. Its main topic is the pressure of loneliness and the feeling of being outside of ones own life.  As a matter of fact, there are already tracks partly composed for each of the songtexts. Some of them before and some inspired by the texts. I know that it will take a while to finish all of them, but 2012 has just begun.


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