From Double to Single

The moment I wrote the headline I realized that it is not only true for my newest endeavour in C64 pixel world, but also for my personal life. But the latter is written on another sheet. This entry is written to let you know and make a mark as a reminder for myself, that today I started with my first try in C64 Hires Bitmap. This graphics mode is different to the Multicolor bitmap mode I used so far. In Multicolor I have horizontal doublepixel, reducing the 320×200 resolution to 160×200 and the colors per char to 3 + background-color. Hires mode gives you all 320 horizontal pixels and offers 2 colors + background per char. This is very strict, so for my first try, I worked only with 2 colors, that make 5 different ones if you count shading (color mixture of both colors and background) as colors to. I used greyscale for my first picture and chose a source with respect to that. I found something in my personal photograph stock and instantly started by opening Timanthes, my newest work-platform of choice. it offers far more options than project one and has working gfx modes. With some help from Veto of Oxyron i overcome the starting problems (like permanently crashing the program when exporting) and now i am in the game of leraning to use hires as preferred drawing mode. You will see what i come up with in the near future i hope.


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