ArtEngine 2012 and a new category

This is my chance to participate in the first demoparty in 2012. ArtEngine is the first demoparty held in Brazil since almost 13 years. This may be a small party but I feel somehow connected to it since I am in contact with the organizer, Danguafer of Silexars and somewhat experienced the problems and uncertainties he faced during the process of organizing this party. So I feel obliged to participate, since he opened every competition for remote entries. My participation will be most likely in the graphics competition and the music competition. I am not sure at the moment which entries I will send over, but be sure, i will send them. The party is going to start at the 4th of february, so there is more than enough time to choose.

Another thing I would like to mention is, I will expand my blog with news that are TRSi related, but not necessarily concern me as a person. So this post marks the beginning of this new news items and its content is: TRSi got a new member. Welcome Knoeki of Digital Sound Systems, who is now also a member of TRSi. May ylur membership be fruitful for everyone.


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