Lost in Pixelation

Today was a bad day. I hung in the past with my thoughts all day long and wasn’t really able to motivate myself to do any creative work. Then somehow i openede Project one and loaded my lates pixelwork which is heavily unfinished of course. The first new pixels i placed were really unmotivated but somehow i kept going and what should i say, it dragged me in at the end. After several hours now, i can’t sit and stare at my monitor anymore. I have made a huge progress, but there is still much work to do. This one will be my fifth pixelwork, when its done. Yes, i have two more in the pipeline, one is totally ready and called Three days on Mars and the fourth one is still in need of a background and a proper name. But both of the will be released in 2012, that’s something i am pretty sure about. I checked out the upcoming events this evening and its looks like the next thing i will suppoort is the brazilian demoscene party ArtEngine, but maybe just with a track and no pixelwork since they show it on full hd and place black borders around smaller images. Imagine a 320 x 200 pixel C64 gfx shown. HUGE black borders and nothing to see, i fear. So i should definitely reconsider my first thought of supporting both competitions. I guess, i have to contact the organzier and ask him what the best way is to show C64 pixelwork. Maybe he has an idea.
Another thing i am thinking about is to display workstages below the finals, so that you can see that i am not wiring, converting or scanning anything. I really don’t see myself doing it any other way than pixelling it from scratch. i like the way things come together slowly and i don’t want to be someone who just repairs and cleans up what mess a scanner or converter has done. I am not saying that there is no skill involved in that, not at all. A good conversion may take as much time as a good pixelwork, but i just can’t see myself doing that.

With music, well, there is not much news there. I am not into music at the moment and i know i can’t force myself into it. It needs to come to me. And during the wait, guess what, i am doing some pixelwork 😉


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