Two Steps ahead

Two Steps ahead

  • release platform : C64
  • format: multicolor bitmap (Koala)
  • background : black
  • colors : 14
  • reference : personal photograph
  • program used : Project One
  • released : at Maximum Overdose 2011

  • watch, comment and rate at Artcity : link
  • watch comment and rate at CSDB: link
  • download release package : link

This is my second C64 pixelgfx. This time i tried to get used to working with colors, since my first gfx was greyscale only. And with the amount of colors used, i experienced the restrictions of multicolor bitmap mode for the first time. The motif is referenced on a personal photograph of a friend of mine, dancing on a stage (this is her final pose). I left out the band and all the instruments in the back and a little at the side, simply because i didn’t feel capable of accurately implementing them at this point. Don’t get me wrong, the photograph is not 4:3 at all, but 2:5, so there is not much missing on both sides. A demoeffect would have been great on the right side, but there was none availabe at the time i released this one. Maybe next time. So i wanted to release it at Maximum Overdose gfx competition. Unfortunately somehow this didn’t end up in the competition but was uploaded to csdb anyway. So its releaed out of competition. too bad.


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