tUM 2011 results

The party is over for about three hours now and the results and releases are completely available already. First, let me tell you why i was so excited about this tUM. It was the party where my first C64 pixelart gfx was released. It is called One day in April and you can find it on this site under the new category my pixelwork later. I don’t know if i surprised anyone with this, because i haven’t heared any reactions until now, but that may change. Anyway, i loved making it and i hope you like it. I will do some more pixelwork in the future.

But now to what you may wanted to read all along The results.
My track Der letzte Tag was played and that already made me happy. I think there was no preselection this time. In the end it was voted 7th place out of 14 entries. Thats pretty much what i expected, so i am pleased with it. My C64 pixelwork One day in April was shown, too and came 7th place out of 10. I would have liked it if it was placed higher, but there was heavy competition in the oldskool gfx competition. I think i can be pleased with that, too. All in all, i was eager to release a gfx, not to win anything. A little more surprise wouldn’t have hurt though.

I will add both releases this evening. See you in the next music AND pixelgraphics compo, i guess.


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