One Day in April

One Day in April

  • release platform : C64
  • format: multicolor bitmap (Koala)
  • background : black
  • colors : 4
  • reference : personal photograph
  • program used : Project One
  • released : 7th at tUM 2011 oldskool gfx compo

  • watch, comment and rate at Artcity : link
  • watch comment and rate at CSDB: link
  • download release package : link
  • watch oldschool gfx compo here : link

Welcome to my VERY FIRST C64 pixelgfx EVER. I so much enjoyed working on this that I will probably do more in the future. This is not scanned or wired. I did it pixel by pixel with Project 1. Referece is a personal photograph. Since this is my first try, i know that it is full of errors and that there is much space for improvement, but i think its pretty good for a firstie. I did it in greyscale because I thought it would be easier to start with. Next time i will take a look at colors Please enjoy my C64 scene firstie! Thanks to streettuff^TRSi for setting the spark that motivated me to be active on the C64.


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