Heroes vs. Villains

The party at the end of the year is coming up and Heroes vs. Villains is the main theme, so i expect many sceners dressed in their old carnival costumes. Yes, its time for The Ultimate Meeting 2011 and i am actually preparing several entries to hand in remotely. unfortunately it looks like that i am not going there…again.. and i feel sad about that. But i still want to participate in the best possible way. And that is by handing in remote entries. There are four categories i can participate in, namely the streaming music competition, the 32k exemusic competition, the 7 seconds loop competition and the oldskool graphics competition. What is settled is that my track Der letzte Tag will enter the streaming music competition and that i will have something for the oldskool grapics competition aswell. About that, i am pretty excited, because it will be my first C64 scene release EVER. I took up pixelling a few moths ago, together with some coding and it has ben a lot of fun since then. I know i am not any good, but i really like working on that machine, with all its restrictions and i am eager to see how the others like my first pixelwork.
Whats not a 100% sure are the two other categories. I have something for 32k exemusic, but i don’t know if its any good. Its a kind of compofiller, so i am not sure if i hand it in. For the 7 seconds loop compo i have to start at zero. Nothing ready for that yet, but there is still time and 7 seconds are not long.
I don’t know if scenesat is broadcasting from tUM oder if they have any kind of live coverage at all, so that i can follow the party via internet. I do hope they have.

One thing i am looking forward to, is a pre-tUM meeting SunSpire is setting up in Bremen for foreigners so that they can warm up, take a look at the city, chat with one another and travel to Karlsruhe together. Virgill, Chromag and i will also be at that event and i hope that others will be too, so that we can spend a great evening together. Its not crystal clear until today how we will get there, by train or by car, but i think thats something we will solve in the next days.


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