Songtext – Spare me

Spare me

Don´t want my eyes to stare at you,
and see how beautiful you are,
Spare my soul, no more scratches,
beside the other hundred scars,

Don´t want my ears to hear your voice,
speaking with some like angels tone,
Spare my mind from your words,
let me be here all alone.

Don´t want my skin to feel your hands,
the warmth and beauty they can do,
Spare my heart, it´s broken, so,
there´s nothing more to break for you,

Don´t want my nose to breathe your air,
that smells like stardust all the time,
Please spare my lungs, it´s hard to breathe,
i know that you were never mine.

Spare me..
Spare me..
Spare me..
Spare me..

Don´t you think I had enough
Of your lousy little bluff,
One time be nice and spare me
I´m drowning with no land to see

I give a fuck about what you say
Like weather it does change all day
I’m sick of you, always around
Teasing me, like I’m your clown

Hurting me, so purposely
stealing all thats left of me
I feel the rope around my neck
Go fuck yourself and don’t come back.

© 2002 & 2011 Raphael “CONS” Ludwig

Safe Creative #1110260379842


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