TRSAC 2011 results

Actually, i don’t have seen the exact results file from TRSAC yet, but i got at least one hint how my tracks did in the competitions from a chatlog. To make it short, my 32kb executable music entry Beloved H4rmony, which is actually a 4klang track came 3rd and that is something i am really happy about. My track Spare Me, which i entered in the streaming music competition wasn’t placed in the top 4, as far as i interpret the chatlog. Thats ok, because it succeeded on another level that i hadn’t in mind at all. I was almost online all the time, watching the Scenesat videofeed and following the chat and i must say, it was a pleasure to see that the party was a success. Of course i was a little nervous, if my tracks made it through preselection, but they did. So i experienced it live via feed when my tracks were played in the competitions. And the eset thing about this whole participation was the fact that i could hear the crowd sing to Beloved H4rmony and see the crowd dance and headbang to Spare Me. No other track had produced such an activity on the stage. And that is what i call an even greater success than winning the competitions. I really feel that i contributed something to make the party better, even if it was only a small contribution.
The reason for this late reaction on the party is, that actually no news file is available and the downloads at just went up. And thats what i will add shortly.


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