One done, another million to go

That is how it feels right now. I finished my 4th 4klang track Projection (the first one was Beloved H4rmony, the second one My de4r chip h4s grown up and the 3rd one, M4dley, is still in development) just a few moments ago and there are still so many unfinished tracks on my harddisk. It almost demotivates me completely, to see that i again disobey my own orders. There was a time when i restarted composing after giving it up around 1998 for a few years and i told myself two things, to be extra careful not to let all my tracks drift into techno like stuff again and the second, more important here, not to start new tracks and spam my harddisk with so much unfinished material again. And years later, here we go. I succesfully managed to prevent my stuff to become techno. And even more, i developed a diversity in styles that not only surprises me but my listeners, too. I am happy about that because it allows me to express myself in the way that feels right for what i have to say. Of course i do some EBM/Techno stuff now and then, but in contrast to my last experience that lead me to stop makign music, i do it on purpose and not as a bystander, watching my own work drifting into a direction i never wanted. It feels really good to be able to express myself more accurate.
Well that of course doesn’t solve my problem that i have a shitload of started and never finished tracks on my harddisk now. Some are worth keeping, but i think i have to be strong and delete some of them, too. And that, let me tell you, will not be an easy task. I am not that good in deciding what idea will fourish and what will be crap forever. Anyone out there with the same “problem” ? Feel free to drop me a note 🙂

Another thing. This weekend is TRSAC weekend and i am really looking forward to follow the party via livestream. Since i haven’t received any answer from the Alternative Party organizers, i decided to enter the streaming music competition at TRSAC, too. Now i have two tracks to compete. The first is Beloved H4rmony, which will compete in the 32k exemusic compo and for the streaming music compo, i sent in my newly finished track called Spare me. Lets see if i can make it through the preselection.


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