Screaming helps

Normally i wouldn’t agree to such a statement, but in my case it really did help to get what i want. And for all of you who don’t remember that this is a website about music, lyrics and stuff, i remind you that i am not talking about screaming in conversations, although i know that such thing occours and may lead to a temporaray fulfillment of wishes, it never works over time, no, i am talking about screams in music. There was an old project of mine, called Spare Me, that has been on my harddrive for some years but was never finished. And time moved on and the project got more and more outdated, so that i didn’t really think i would finish it at all. But last week, it all changed with the help of screaming. As you might know i am not much of a singer and i know that, so i don’t try (as others shouldn’t do either!), but since i needed a male vocalist for that track and there was none around, i finally took matters in my own hands. Maybe i did it because i gained some experience by adding my vocals to Krawall or Der letzte Tag and i am beginning to not care about how it sounds to me. So i reopened the old project, grabbed the mike and….. instantly realized that speaking wouldn’t suffice to transport the energy of the lyrics. I had no choice but to adde more strength to my voice and untimately screamed the lyrics in. And guess what, screaming helps! A little tweaking here and there and a complete exchange of the drums and i am done with the track. Release date unknown, but most likely 2012.  Thanks to Virgill for his ultimate guitar solo, which is the 1337357  i have ever heared :D.


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