• running time in minutes : 3:26
  • size in mb : 8,00
  • format : ogg
  • quality in kbit : 320 vbr
  • genre : WoblBM
  • released : 3rd at Demodays/Buenzli 2011 music competition
  • released : 1st at Demodays/Buenzli 2011 non-realtive competition

  • download it here : link
  • watch the video here : link
  • find the pouet thread here: link
  • download the video here : link
  • Listen to it online at my lastfm site : coming

This is a fun project i started a while ago pretty spontaneously and it lay on my HD for a while. I had a bass line arranged but was not evry comfortable with it, so i asked tEiS to help me out with some of his magic, since we wanted to do a coop track for a while now. So i exported the instruments i had and the vocals and sent them over to him. He was so kind and came up with a great bass and some supporting percussions and i instantly liked it. Since we planned to release this at Evoke, we needed someone to participate who actually would be at the party and thats where streettuff and n3rdine came into play. They recorded the vocals for the refrain and i put them in and in the end sent every line back to tEiS for mixing and mastering, which he did again marvellously. Unfortunately this track was preselected at Evoke, so we handed it to Buenzli. The rest is history.
On a personal note. I wanted this to be a fun-party track with a spark of a message, so thats where the lyrics come into play. The alcohol you drink (in this case) the Krawall-Brause is speaking to you whrough the text, slowly pulling you into an abuse and addiction which will force you to battle for your life with it in the end. That is the core point of the text. Of course, i did’t want it to ruin the sound with all too serious words, so i only used the word Krawall (+FTW) as a hookline. I think its quite party-compatible as it is now.
Originally there was no intention of having a music video to it. This part took me completely by surprise. 2 days before the party, i was contacted by H2o, who already had the video done and sent it over. i was greatly amused and happy that he invested the time to make it. So the track entered another competition, namely the non-realtime animation competition. Thanks H2o. I hope we can work together again in the future. And of course thanks to tEiS for his great work on the track and to streettuff and n3rdine for helping out on such short notice.

Safe Creative #1110310416015


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