Demodays / Buenzli 2011 results

Wow, the demodays 2011 have been good to us. Not only to me but to TRSi as a whole. As mentioned before i submitted tEiS and my coop track Krawall feat. streettuff & n3rdine to the music competition and with 11 other songs it got played. Two days before the party H2o contacted me and showed me an animation he had created for the song and told me that he was going to submit it to the animation compo at demodays. Wow, what a great surprise. And the result exceeded my expectations.
So, today was the day of the results and as i missed the live presentation yesterday, i was a little nervous how the song and the video would do. Streettuff told me that people were shouting Krawall after it was played in the compo and that was funny to hear.  I watched the livestream where the results were presented and we did good. Krawall came 3rd in the music competition and 1st in the animation competition. One funny thing happened, when T$ was going to the stage to collect his prize in a totally different category and when he was asked to say something, to the crowd, the only thing he shouted was “Krawall”. Hahaha, great! In addition, WoDK came 1st in the gfx compo, adding another win to the list. demodays was good to us. Time to update  the page with the releases. I will do that tomorrow.


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