Evoke 2011 results

Well, thats how it goes when there are too many tracks for a competition. Preselection will happen and with that, 11 of the 26 tracks didn’t make it to the bigscreen. Unfortunately our track Krawall was among them. Thats sad news, because its the second competition this year that i personally wanted to compete in and didn’t get played. You remember Solskogen? As there is pretty much nothing you can do about it i won’t waste my time complaining about it. Thats how it works sometimes and you have to live with it. What we want to do now, is to compete with the track at Buenzli 20 / Demodays in 14 days. Maybe we get played there. If not, we will release the track anyway.
For my dear TRSi friend streettuff, everything went quite good, i think. In a competition of 11 entries, he finally came third with his C64 contribution We got signal. Congratulations. At least one of us got something for the group! I personally hope, you don’t stop coding.


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