One done, two new to go

Over the last few weeks i started two new music projects. The first one is called Horny and is supposed to be a not that serious hip-hop track. How i came up with it? Well, it all started with the birthday of my dear friend Ellina. I was lacking a present and so i came up with a last minute idea. I wanted to create something funny and something that she hasn’t got before. So i started this bassline and drumsequence and rapped a few lines over it (freestyle baby!). And done. At that point it was nothing special at all, but it was funny and she laughed a lot. Purpose served, i would say. But i had more with the track in mind since i quite liked the bassline and the drums i had picked. And while thinking about it and hearing the instrumental version repeatedly, i partly remembered some old lyrics me and two of my old school-friends wrote. And guess what, they fit. So i filled the missing lines with new nonsense and expanded the composition a bit. And the best thing will be, that a scene friend will take over the vocals for me. I have heared a few previews already and i am so looking forward having them in the track.
The second song i started is another KML project called Wunderland that will of course feature straight electronic basslines and drums and of course a more than ambiguous songtext. The idea came to me after playing around with some instruments. I must admit, i was again listening to a lot of DAF at that time, so you know from where i was influenced heavily. I already played the track to my KML brother Virgill and what can i say, it’s approved. So look out for that one, coming some time this year.

Now what is missing….yes, the finished song. I recently mastered an alternative vocal version of my track Glashaus, which will be hopefully released this year. This time the vocals are by my friend Viktoria. Thanks. And a huge thanks to Virgill for post processing the vocals and with that taking a heavy load of work off my back! Thanks my friend!


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