Back to the Canyon

For some time, i had the feeling that there was something unfinished, a story that wasn’t told until the end, that had more potential than i had extracted from it with my movie No Return, back in 2006. Maybe it was because that movie and everything surrounding it meant that much to me, that i always wanted to continue telling the story of the main charater, what her life would look like after the ritual mind and sould cleansing she was going through at the end of the movie. But for such a long time, i couldn’t come to terms wether to realize another project or leave it as it is. There are so many good reasons for not to take the story to the next level and i understand most of them and agree at least with a few.  In addition, the support of my friends for the idea of making another movie with the characters was almost non existant. And to all that, i had no absolute idea for a story, but only a general, overall idea. So time went by and i digged a hole for the idea, trying to bury and forget about it. But as you know, if you bury something alive, it may haunt you and come back to you some day. And thats exactly what happened with me a few days ago. Since i have time to think about so many things i’d rather not to, the idea came back into my mind and with it the majority of a story line that would put the Characters exactly there, where i wanted them i the first place. If you must know, there was a different original ending planned in No Return, but we changed it last the minute before we started filming because of storytelling reasons. But now, i had the chance to straighten things our in a reasonable way. And it seems to work out fine. For days i am writing down the story and its really going somewhere. Although i know that this story will eventually not been told in any way other than my words, i can’t help enjoying writing it. It brings back memories and so i most likely bring it to completion in the next days. I absolutely don’t know if i’ll ever  turn it into a movie-script and think about filming it, but who knows. If i bury that idea, too, it may come back at me in a few years. I think i will embrace as happily as i did a few days ago with this one.


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