Solskogen 2011

This weekend a small demoparty happened in Norway. Solksogen was its name and i wanted to compete in the exe music competition with my track Beloved H4rmony. Yesterday i tuned into scenesat radio to listen to the live broadcast of the competitions and i admit i was a little nervous. The exe music competition started, one track was played, then another and after that….. the compo was done. Where was my track, i wondered and the only thing that could have happened to it was, it got disqualified. Too bad. I would have been third for sure. After all that was very disappointing, because i probably never get to know why it wasn’t played at all. I have a theory about it and i could accept it, if it was true, but it would be nice to hear it from the organizers. Well, that was nothing. I guess the release will have to wait for another chance, preferrably the planned 4klang musicdisk. But since that was planned two years ago, i highly doubt that the project will come to life anytime soon.


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